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Dec. 3rd, 2021

After you hear the tune of Material Girl's stanza, the song is cut off by the following. "You've reached Valeria Richard's voice mail. Leave a name, message, and your number, and I'll get in touch with you."

Things Valeria has Made: Antimatter Engine

Publicly Known? NASA is aware of it and running tests for a large scale while bickering within the science community about it's safety. However, owners of the Fantasticars are aware Valeria's upgraded their engines in the last few months and she mentioned about anti-something or other. Tony Stark MIGHT have heard inklings of it.

Why did she make it? Valeria was sick of the rising gas costs and wanted to get to MIT and back to New Jersey under an hour. She installed it on all Fantasticars under clear instructions that if a red light goes off, switch to electric power and take it back to her pronto.

Why hasn't she shared it? She has! NASA is currently bickering over it but Valeria has enrolled it in the US patent office anyway.
Publically Known? No

Why'd she make it?  During the event with Apocalypse, Valeria was able to upload his alien AI program Logos into a jump drive and it barely managed to fit the AI. Logos is currently being stored within this said jump drive between Valeria searching it's files and communicating with Logos.

Said jump drive is no bigger than Valeria's pinky. She's made four since then since the process is fairly tedious. Franklin Richards and Aiden Blair both got one for Christmas in 2010. Valeria has one for her personal files and the fourth one is dashed in a desk somewhere.

Why hasn't she shared it? Mostly because people are using the Cloud more than jump drives in the up coming future. Valeria will consider marketing once she figures out a process that makes duplication affordable. And besides, who seriously needs a Zottabyte jump flash drive in the present?
Your Muse: Valeria Richards/valeriarichards and behalf of a Franklin Richards/fb_richards
Muse wanted: Ahura Boltagon, Luna Maximoff
Community: marvel_nextgen
Fandom: Marvel
Canon: 616 based AU
Book, Movie, Game, Other: Comic
PB: Whatever you want!
Contact via: Comment here, or just check us out. :D
Marvel: Next Generation recently had a reboot, and while there was some heavy baggage for both Luna and Ahura, it's been completely cleared away for potetinal new players. We're not desperately in need for either Inhuman, but it would be nice and fun for Valeria and Franklin to have been childhood friends with the Inhuman kids.

The Inhumans have not left the moon nor are they apart of the Kree Empire nor are they planning to take over the Earth. They would be welcomed in both the X-Men and Avengers due to the connections their family has with both teams.

Valeria would adore a Ahura Boltagon to have been best friends with and to be very good friends with Luna. Franklin would also like another childhood friend in Luna.


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